How to Live a Simple Life by Following These 11 Useful Tips

People are more and more fond of simple things, yearn for a simpler life, and want to stay away from the chaos that seems to be self-inflicted. We live in a dire society every day, and we also experience all kinds of human relationships in the workplace. We feel that we have been tense and unable to rest. Many of us living in a prosperous world is also experiencing various pressures. When we feel overwhelmed, we might as well try to live a simple life and do more subtraction to make ourselves more relaxed. So how to live a simple life? here are 8 tips that I hope can help you.

Steps for How to Live a Simple Life

Live a simple life, because the simplest is also the most real and often the most precious, live a simple life and make yourself happy. here is the list of 11 effective tips on how to live a simple life.

1. Be kind to yourself

More happiness, less sadness; more truth, less hypocrisy; more leisure, less hectic.

Time is changing, and so are people. If you can’t bear it, let it go; if you can’t hurt it, look down on it; if you can’t figure it out, don’t want it; if you can’t hate it, you must heal it. Life is a process of cultivation, why should you look at people and things with such an unfair heart, practice yourself, and let down the years?

2. Be happy with what you have

Don’t always compare yourself to others, you must know that you must also have something unique. When many people hear this sentence, they may say: There are too many people in this world who are better than you and work harder than you.

How to Live a Simple Life

I must be the first. Right, but so what? Because no matter how hard you work, there will always be people better than you in this world, who are happier in life, grow faster in wealth, and are wiser than you. It’s not sad.

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3. Reasonable consumption

Do you have any regrets about looking at your home full of unwanted items? In order to avoid unnecessary consumption, you can make a list before shopping, starting from practicality, reducing the pursuit of gorgeousness and brands, which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

4. Cultivate minimalism awareness

Minimalism is something that many people in modern times want to do but haven’t done. It starts with small things, gradually grows bigger, and points to the surface until it finally takes shape.

5. Define your boundaries

Sometimes I hope that I can have more friends and partners, so I allow others to intrude on the boundaries of my self, which may cause excessive entanglement with others and cause discomfort to myself. At this time, you may as well listen to your heart and accept it unwillingly.

6. Maintain genuine relationships

Not every emotion needs to be fully invested, start from the heart and ask more about your own feelings. If a relationship is making you feel emotionally and energetically draining, maybe you need to think about whether to continue or give up. Family, friendship, and love all need to be managed, remember to pay more attention to those who are good to you.

7. Try to be alone and find yourself

The better you know yourself, the better you can be yourself. Being alone is a great way to think and review in solitude, from everyday small things to big decisions, to be more at ease.

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8. Beware of your jealousy

Jealousy, apart from making life miserable, does not bring any joy. Jealousy comes from one’s own hardships and cold reception. Usually, people with strong jealousy are mostly unsuccessful people. Because of their inner sensitivity and inferiority, they think badly of others, and they are usually hostile to others, shameless, selfish, revengeful, and critical of others.

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When a person is jealous of others, he always pays attention to the advantages of others, but he cannot pay attention to his own superiority. In fact, everyone is inferior to others. When others surpass us in some aspects, we can consciously think about where we are worse than others, so that our unbalanced psychological balance will be restored to a balanced state.

9. Don’t get caught up in accumulating wealth

Charlie Munger once said: “Life is not just about accumulating wealth shrewdly.” Modern people are always obsessed with making money and supporting their families. Of course, there are elements of difficulty in survival. 

However, if you want to make yourself happier, if you want to have a way out when you are in pain and confusion, or if you want to live a simple life then you should place yourself in the love of your family and friends, and in nature with a broad mind. You will find that life is nothing but money. In addition, there is a wider world.

10. Know how to enjoy yourself

In life, others are chasing houses and castles. All I need is a romantic scene, a stone bench in a flower shed, a small sitting and a little drunk, a song, a cup of tea, and enjoying myself.

How to Live a Simple Life
How to Live a Simple Life

The house is comfortable and convenient, so why bother going upstairs and downstairs? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a song, a cup of tea, raise flowers, raise fish, and enjoy the beauty of nature? Isn’t it often said that contentment is always happy? What we are happy for us to be happy with our hearts and wealth. Although we don’t have much property and the income is not as high as that of the incumbents, we have nothing to worry about. People have ideas, and the wealth of ideas is real wealth.

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11. Live healthily

Good living habits and lifestyles are the basic conditions for our health. Only when we are energetic, happy, and physically healthy can we better devote ourselves to work. Arrange work and rest time reasonably and scientifically, combine work and rest, relax moderately, try to avoid staying up late, go to bed early and get up early, and grasp your “physiological clock“. Make your life always vibrant, passionate, and full of sunshine.

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Health is the root of everything. Money is wealth, and youth is capital, but without health, what is wealth for? Without health, youth is no longer an advantage, and if you lose your health, you will lose everything.


The ultimate mission of life is to manage your own life well. The biggest regret in life is that when I look back on my life when I am getting old, I realize that in the end, I owe myself the most.

Life is not easy, and only when you come to it will you know the unevenness, twists, and turns of the road. Don’t let yourself have too many regrets in your life. If you want to live simple life then From now on, learn to appreciate yourself, work hard to treat yourself well, and manage yourself well. When you do the above eight points, you will find that your heart will always be full of sunshine and harmony, and everything you see is beautiful.

I hope you learned from this article and will follow these tips for how to live a simple life.

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