Life, I Walked and Understood

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Life, walking and walking, understand, for the future, no longer lost, but to a more determined pace towards the intended goal; life, walking and walking will understand. For love, no longer obsessed with sadness, and in a more sensible attitude to accept love a steady and dull life, then walked understand. For the life, no longer confused sentimental, but in a positive optimistic attitude to greet each dawn.

When we enter society, we always want to display our talents on a big stage. We always want to live a life that others envy in high office buildings. However, we often have not fluttered and flew high, and we have broken the ideal wings by the reality of society. After hitting the wall everywhere, we only saw our smallness and tenderness, but also fell into deep confusion. We could not see the direction of the future and lost the dreams of the past.

Best Life Articles

Followed by complaints and suspicions, complaining about social injustice. Complaining about the fate of teasing, doubting their ability, and doubting their own lives. In a position that was looked down upon, he lived a life that he could not accept. Envying other people’s lives is always so glamorous, but they are living in misfortune, and can not break free, inferiority mixed with despair to give the soul a shackle.

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However, walking and walking found that God closed a door for us, and will open a window for us. When we walked, we found that we are young and we need time to settle. And we need time to build up and wait for opportunities. After the arrival of thin hair; walking and walking to discover, perhaps forced by reality to the desperate, will have the hope of rebirth. We will find the direction of efforts; Walk and walk to find that we are no longer confused. But With a firm pace and unrelentingly moving towards our goal. No matter how hard the future is, we will never admit defeat because we believe that there will always be a rainbow after the storm.

Best Life Articles

Even if we can’t predict in the future, we will live a full life in at least the journey of struggle. As Ostrovsky said: “To dedicate your life to the greatest cause of life, many years later, when we look back, we don’t regret it because we are ignorant, and we are not ashamed of being inactive.”

Maybe we all have longed for the love of the wind and the moon, the love of the rose movie; perhaps we all have longed for the vows of the mountains and the love of yours; perhaps we have all longed for the sea and the stone, the old and the old. We may have longed for the princess and Princely happiness.

However, life, walking and walking, we can understand that life is only rice and oil. The fireworks are beautiful, but the roses will eventually fade, and the glory will eventually return to the plain. And the bustling end will be repaid with the cold. Life, walking and walking, we understand that love is not just sweet, not just good, not a fairy. And more is sharing, sharing the hardships of life; more is dull, plain and accompaniment; more is the comfort, a greeting after hard work, telling each other, not alone in the war, will embrace each other Go further.

Best Life Articles

Life, walking and walking, I understand, those years. The pure love we have hoped for, the beautiful and romantic love. But the TV script, after all, is only the author’s good wishes. However, it is this beautiful wish that can only be fixed in the age of youthful ignorance. For those who have passed away, and who are no longer in the ages to imagine and feel emotional. The reality of love is very simple, helping each other to taste the joys and sorrows of life, nothing more.

Maybe we have to walk on the loose and sentimental person; We have to grow up in solitude and melancholy; maybe we have to live in the trivial and pessimistic disappointed. The haze of the weather, the mood is also low, as if life is not a trace of light. I always feel that life has so much bitterness, but there is so few happiness. I always want to break free from the cage of life, but there is nowhere to escape.

Life, then walked understand, everything is parting too normal, everyone has everyone’s direction, do not sentimental, and our next stop was perhaps the Red companion, end their life to another post;

A life I walked and understood and loneliness is something that everyone must experience. At least our inner heart needs to go through a loneliness, because no one can accompany anyone to the end, so we must learn to bear it alone; life, walking and walking Understand, life is a big net, all the triviality makes us nowhere to escape, learn to accept it with optimism, learn to live positively in the sun, not to be a little sleepy, if the heart is sunny, there is no sadness.

Life, walking and walking, I understand, the realization of dreams is not so simple, but it needs to meet difficulties. Only the wings and the unremitting flight can reach the other side of success. Life, walking and walking, understand Love is not the emotion that language can interpret. It needs to be tested with a lifetime of life. Life, walking and walking, understand. regardless of sorrow and joy, life must continue, then learn to actively and optimistically meet the dawn of each day.


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