Mom’s Laugh is Our Greatest Happiness

Hello Friends, This article on mother will bring a smile on your face and love for your mother.

In this world, there is such a person who gave you life, gave you health, and gave you happiness. She gave you all the love and energy, but there was no complaint, no selfishness, and greatness. She never wanted to have one day ask, I want you happy is growing. When you bring you to this world, you are destined to love you. I always want to leave the best for you. Always want to give you the best food. I always want to buy the best clothes for you. Always want you to live comfortably and always want to dress up beautifully. Bright to see how you smile.

Gradually, you grew up and started to understand things. She began to chatter to tell you that good children can’t lie because there is no one likes. So you started to believe, don’t dare to lie, just want to be a child you like, even more, people like it. Maybe one day, you will find that this person who teaches you not to lie is the one who loves to lie. What you love most is destined to be the least favorite thing for her. These people thought that they could eat the best food in the world with peace of mind, only to know that they wanted to leave the best for you.

Every windy and the rainy day will always stand at the door of the campus waiting for you to leave school. Seeing you is like seeing happiness, sheltering you from the wind and rain, always guarding you when you need it most. Staying with you all the way, watching you laugh, cry with you, is such a person. You are crying with your classmates, and you are not careful when you get home. So I found the school, I hope the teacher can value you, no longer being bullied by your classmates. No matter what, you will always be in your life for the first time so that you can find your first self.

Later, when you grew up, you went to high school, you are far away from home, you want to live in school, you think you have found freedom, and no one will restrain you. Just when you are in high spirits, you ignore her existence, can’t see the tears in her eyes, how much can’t bear you. Every time I go home, she will always prepare a hearty meal for you, so that you can eat well. I am afraid that if you are not eating well at school, you will always prepare a lot of meals for you. Because I am worried about you, I am afraid that you are not used to it because she is not at her side for the first time, she is always dying.

Unconsciously, you went out of school. Although she stops you, I want you to take the exam. But still compromise in your words, maybe you love your performance too much. She will always grieve herself, to fulfill you and help you get what you want. So you started your job, and for the first time, you left your hometown. You are running towards your new life and looking for your dreams. Sometimes I don’t return home once a year, and she is more of a call to you. You will always find a variety of reasons to be busy, regardless of the phone.

In fact, sometimes she just wants to hear your voice, and when she sees you well, she will be relieved. She doesn’t have too high a demand for you. I just want you to be healthy, safe, not too tired, and take good care of yourself. And you have treated her words as awkward, hehe, always annoying. Slowly, you are sensible. After experiencing that warmth and warmth, you will know the person who loves you the most in this world. It must be your mother. Whenever she is, she will always stand in front of the door waiting for you to look forward to your return home.

The first time you are sick, you have to play a bottle. The hospital people come and go, but you are a lonely person. Your mood is terrible, you will remember that when you are young, someone will always take care of you at your side, pour water for you, then you will think of her, remembering her good for you, bit by bit. You finally dialed the phone, just want to hear her voice. She is very careful and hears what is wrong with you. You smiled and said, nothing, I am very good, just miss you. I won’t say it, I will call you next time, I am going to be busy now. So I hung in a hurry, but you cried, tears that could not help.

The first profound experience, she is such a major person in your life. In the past, she was always too cold for her and too little care for her. In addition to blaming yourself, you have to work hard to be a filial person. Because she not only gave you life but also raised you with hardships. A lifetime of hard work, a lifetime of selfless dedication. In the best years, I have dedicated my youth. She is a blooming flower because you came to this world, she began to no longer dress herself, and more time is given to you.

As you get younger and younger, you find that she is getting older every day. Despite this, you still bought her a lot of cosmetics, just hope she can find her own life. She wants you to be young, no, just wants you to start to understand life, enjoy life, and know-how to maintain.

Maybe she won’t accept it at the beginning, but as you keep talking, she finally has a chance. I started accepting the cosmetics you bought for her. The first time she called, my skin was dry, but after using the cosmetics you bought for me, the skin suddenly became smooth, and you finally laughed.

You will buy clothes like you when I was young, go shopping with her, and accompany her to dinner. Always try to make her happy, work hard to earn money, give her a better life. Because now that you are relying on her, she will depend on you, like a child, just like when you were young, you always like to stick her. Every year, I buy a lot of gifts, big and small. Spend a lot of thoughts and know her hobbies. What she likes to eat, what color she likes, what she likes to do. I have already waved on the road to happiness, to the things she has given me.

Now, I finally know and understand deeply. I don’t know why I suddenly cried. I miss her, I want to stay with her, by her side. Know that there are too many people who can’t help themselves, but I love you as much. No matter if I am not with you, my heart is on you.

My favorite mother, my greatest mother. I miss you, I miss you very much. In short, I really want to think about it. I hope to chat with you, look at you, and guard you. Will work hard for you and give you a happy old age. I believe that I will, with my own hands, please believe that your son will make you happy, my mother. Now that you are young, one day you find that she is old. You have the goodness of the present because she gave it to you. Give your parents the grace of gratitude. Always keep in mind, be a kind person, be a grateful person, let her be happy, let her have a dependence.

Suddenly I started to understand my mother and understand my mother. Maybe it is really grown up, I will understand. How difficult is life, how much she loves you, uses life’s love to protect you, and gives you a perfect life? Even if she did not give you wealth, but it gave you health, gave you happiness, gave you a home, and gave you the greatest and unselfish love in the world.

She gave you any warmth that you can’t buy with money, and you can’t buy it. Let you feel that there is truth in the world. No matter where you are or wherever you are, she will always be at home and waiting for you to go home in the direction of you. No matter how busy your work is, no matter how good you are, never forget our greatest and unselfish mother. It is her right to give us happiness, she is giving us a really good feeling of living, she is giving us the freedom to fly toward the dream.

If you have nothing to do, make a phone call. No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to go home often. We must be filial when the mother is alive. Protecting the love in our hearts, holding the warm hands that have given us, letting her know that we are always there, guarding her. Her laugh is our greatest happiness and our greatest comfort. Salute for our great mother, and feel the pride and pride of her selfless dedication, full of love. Mom, my favorite mother, I will always love you.

Maybe someone will laugh at me, how old you are, and think about her like this. But no matter what others say, I just think, and I really want to think about it. I don’t think I can’t walk the warmth that she gave me in my life, the effort I have put into it, and the road for me. Mom, although today is not a special day, it is not an important day. But at this moment, I cried. It is moving, excited, and happy. Because you have given me full love, you are the pillar of my life, you are the source of my life.

I love you mother, forever. Because you are grateful because you are kind because you are satisfied because you work hard because you are happy. Mom, you are such a person, never want to return, but give all the love to us, let us experience the true feelings of the world.

The person who loves you the most in the world will be your mother, your mother. Let us hold hope, thank our great mother, make her happy, hold her hand and give her warmth. Mom, I want to tell you that you always occupy an important position in my heart, forever.


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