12 Best First Date Tips For Men Will Make Your Date Successful

There are many firsts in life, including the first time you have a crush on someone, and the first date. On the first date, men and women often have diametrically opposed thoughts, and during the dating process, men and women have different psychological experiences. Today, we will tell you what to pay attention to when a boy is on a first date. What are some first date tips for men? How to attract a girl’s attention on a first date? Let’s take a look below.

First Date Tips For Men

A lot of guys don’t do what they want on a first date. If the girl likes you, it’s ok, but if the girl doesn’t like you, that’s bad!

Because the follow-up impact of the first date is very serious, come and master these first date skills before the first date, it is very helpful for men who have no dating experience. below are the first date tips for men.

1. Plan a date location

Participate in an activity together, such as hiking, bowling, ice skating, cooking, or visiting an art gallery or museum to provide natural conversational starting points and topics for discussions. Or when you’re sitting with someone over a meal, drink, or coffee, and there’s no pressure to keep the conversation going, dating is often less awkward.

Choose a dating location or program that showcases a guy’s unique personality and has the confidence to be your most relaxed, fun, and comfortable version of yourself. 

Bonus: Sharing your meaningful interests or activities will definitely give the other person a good impression.

How to choose an location for a first date?

Dating in an unfamiliar setting can easily make an introvert shy and uncomfortable. Therefore, we need to reduce the risk, and it is best to choose a comfortable and relaxed place for the environment, which will not only help the other party to unload their defenses, but also help improve the quality of dating.

1. Park

Visiting the park is one of the most common ways for young couples to fall in love. But instead of sitting idly on a park bench, you should wander or sit on a swing and get physical so that both parties can relieve tension.

2. Take a walk

It’s also a good idea to walk in the moonlight, but it’s important that you let her walk on the sidewalk and be in step with her as much as possible. The initial distance between the two should be twenty centimeters.

3. Dancing

We have read above the drawbacks of dancing on the first date, but if the other party is keen on this, you have to go with the flow, and you can eliminate the gap between each other in the fierce beating.

4. Movie

You must know that the plot is suitable for first love couples, don’t be sad, otherwise he will think it is a bad omen. And don’t just make fun of it, or she’ll think you’re not good taste. And not being able to talk while watching a movie is its downside.

2. Relax your mind

Keep implying to yourself that this is just an ordinary meeting and that you are just trying to figure out if she is right for you through this meeting, not to pursue her.

Approach your date with a relaxed attitude to reduce stress. When your mind takes you too far into the future, or is preoccupied with being liked, go back to the present and remind yourself that this is just the first date.

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3. Relaxed atmosphere

When it comes to the first date, 80% of people will be nervous. If they are nervous, they will treat this as a very formal thing, and suddenly the whole dating atmosphere will become embarrassing because it is too formal. In fact, the harmony of dating should be relaxed and cheerful. In short, it is to let the other party leave a good impression and be able to have the next date under the guidance of this impression.

4. Take the initiative in the dating process

In nature, males always tend to dominate and lead, always taking the initiative. You can see it as a burden or a privilege, but seeing it as a privilege will bring you more joy. So, give your advice and do things the way you are used to. If the girl doesn’t want to, she will refuse; then from then on, you can negotiate something together.

5. Be calm and Gentle

Remember that boys must not be nervous during the dating process. This is a big no-no! Many boys take the initiative to show their hospitality when dating a girl, and take the initiative to send her home after the date. If you can’t grasp this degree, see When a girl is nervous, it will make the girl feel your need for her, which will make the girl’s first impression of you drop to zero.

First Date Tips For Men
First Date Tips For Men

When dating a girl, you must keep your image clean and neat, so that she has a feeling of being out of reach for you, and then arrange your mentality to meet her, and don’t always try to accommodate her in the process of talking. When rejecting your own point of view, you must express your direct feelings and don’t always think that pleasing her is the most important thing, so that the girl will no longer be curious about you, so it is easy for her to reject you on the first date.

6. Be honest

Honest communication is the most basic rule for lovers. Regardless of their educational level or whether they have a good job or position, they are honestly telling each other. At the same time, honesty is the basis of mutual trust, and trust is the success or failure of. The essential. If you have been operating with lies, on the day you are discovered, the lie will become the fatal point of your breakup.

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7. Talk about topics that interest you

If you always cater to a girl and only talk about topics she is interested in, then she will feel that you are perfunctory.

So try to lead the conversation to topics that you find interesting. Only when you are interested in this topic can your expressions and body voices be enriched, making it easier to lead girls.

8. Don’t talk too deeply about the topic

A lot of guys get nervous easily on the first date, and then it’s easy to fall into an endless cycle: nervousness, talking too much, losing control. Many boys tend to talk more and more deeply when they are chatting, and it is easy to lose control at the end of the conversation, and finally kill themselves, especially if you have no experience and do not know how to plan the chat process. Therefore, the chat must know how to stop when it is good, and stop when it is enough.

9. The focus of the chat is not on yourself, but on the other party

When many boys chat, it is easy to start talking about themselves, and then talk about how hard they work, how good they are and so on. On a date, the focus of the chat should be on the other person and her interests, not yours. You can share some of your own experiences, life, but more should be with each other. But talking to each other doesn’t mean that you keep talking about each other. This is a date, not an interrogation. So you should also add your own experience and life from time to time to let the other person relax slowly.

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10. Learn to listen and ask curious questions

First of all, boys should focus on girls, get close to each other properly, match the body language you nod and listen to, and when the other party expresses to their heart’s content, they should affirm it in time, tell a story similar to the other party, and then ask questions in depth!

First Date Tips For Men
First Date Tips For Men

The location of the first date is best chosen by the boys. There is one thing that needs special attention, that is, it is best to choose a location that is comfortable for you. For example, the place you choose is familiar to you, or the activities you do with girls are your own. The advantage is to have fun and add your charm. On the contrary, activities that make you feel uncomfortable or not good at it will make you feel more pressure and even embarrassing

For example, if a girl tells you about her experience of skipping classes when she was a child, you can share your similar experience with the girl and ask her, “Have you ever been caught by the teacher?”

When a girl finds out that you have had similar life experiences, she will feel more secure in you and think that you have a common language.

11. Create laughter

Love and laughter always go together. A sense of humor has always played a very important role in what has traditionally been thought to lead to affection between men and women. Experiencing laughter together creates a sense of closeness between strangers. In a very classic experiment, they asked two strangers who did not know each other to carry out some game-like activities, such as learning to dance. During the period, they blindfolded one of them and let the other hold a straw. 

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Blocking it from speaking freely Although the voices these two made sounded silly, it turned out that love did come with laughter. So please tell some proper jokes when dating, because this will not only make the atmosphere between you more harmonious, but also make her feel good about you.

12. Control your date time

When you are dating the girl you like, don’t deliberately prolong the date because you are reluctant to part, this will only make the girl think you are a diaosi who has never seen a woman.

So you should keep your date short and keep a little mystery to yourself. If the girl has a crush on you, then you can build attraction in the next socail media chat or whats app chat.

Things to Focus on The First Date for Men

The first impression is what kind of impression a person’s appearance and actions give you, and this influence ultimately affects the first step in your development.  so when a couple or a man and woman in an ambiguous period go on a date for the first time , it is actually the influence of the primacy effect. so these important Things to Focus on The First Date for Men.

1. Well dressed

Wear a set of clothes that can make you look energetic or eye-catching, so that even if you don’t make yourself different, you can make yourself more confident. If it is very formal, then it is best to choose a suit that suits you

2. Pay attention to your image

Pay attention to your image. That is the appearance, if you are born not so handsome, but also make yourself clean, what I mean is to dress yourself clean, especially on your face, don’t leave stubble, Also, it’s better to wash your hair.

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3. Rather be early than late

If it’s the first date and you’re late as a man, don’t even think about the future. Even if there is, the other party will always remember it. I would rather arrive early and wait for her, rather than delaying these times because of my own business.

4. Be sure to buy some gifts

Girls love surprises, they love gifts, and it would be great if you could prepare the gift for this date earlier. However, it doesn’t matter if you think about it temporarily. Buying a bunch of flowers can also solve a temporary crisis. Girls like flowers.

5. More things to focus

It is relatively basic to let the girl open the door when getting in the car, protect the head, and help pull the chair when eating. Because it is the first date, boys should pay attention to physical contact. It can be, but it should be kept as little as possible, because unless the girl has a high degree of affection for you, this kind of contact will easily lead to disgust, so Focus on this place.


There are still many ways to date, but the center is inseparable from making both parties feel relaxed and happy, so treat it with more normality when dating. I hope these First Date Tips For Men will help you a alot.

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