The Power of Hope – Inspirational Story

In the 1960s, a transport plane took off from the United States to go somewhere to cut an abandoned oil pipeline. In addition to the pilot Downs, he also carried eight employees of the oil company. And a man named Elite who was temporarily on board.

When the plane passed over Mongolia. Tt was unfortunately hit by a dust storm, and the plane was fortunate to successfully land. While 10 people on the plane rejoiced for the rest of the disaster. They found themselves in the depths of the desert. The plane was severely damaged and could not take off again. All the radio communication equipment was damaged and the communication with the outside world was interrupted. The compass failed due to the influence of the magnetic field. There was not enough food and water.

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The vast Gobi has nowhere to go, the scorching sun is clear, and every nerve of the survivor is burnt, and the breath of death is coming. There were fierce quarrels among the eight oil workers for different escape plans, and no one could persuade anyone. In the end, everyone agreed that: you can only sit back and wait! In despair, the survival instinct exposed. And many people began to calculate the only dry food and water left on the plane. Later they developed to fight against each other, openly snatching, and the pilot Downs shot a warning. Natural disasters have not yet arrived, and human disasters are about to erupt in advance.

At a critical moment, the Elite who took the plane temporarily stood up and shouted, “Don’t panic! I’m the aircraft designer. The main parts of the aircraft, not damage. As long as everyone works together and listens to my command, I can Repair the plane. “It’s like a dose of heart-strengthening needle. People immediately stopped fighting and revived hope in their hearts.

Under Elite’s command, they were busy. In order to avoid the scorching sun, they rested during the day and worked at night. Food and water can only maintain for a maximum of 10 days. In order to save, they will eat two meals for one meal and distribute drinking water as planned. Everything is orderly, aircraft repair work carried forward in an orderly manner.

Ten days later, the plane not repaired yet, but a miracle appeared-a camel team of businessmen passed by and rescued them.

A few days later, Downs stumbled upon that Elliott wasn’t an airplane designer at all, and he was a deceitful lie to be able to repair the airplane! Downs was so angry that he took Elite to the side and pointed at his head with a pistol and questioned: “Liar! When everyone is in despair, you have the heart to deceive us, causing us to be busy for ten days!” Litte said calmly, “Yes, I am a liar. But if I didn’t lie then, could everyone live to this day?”

Dunston froze. He suddenly realizes: Yeah, being trap in the desert is terrible, but what is more terrible than the desert is that there. is no hope for survival! !! !!

Many stories in the desert are thought-provoking and intriguing. From a dry apple in the desert to the water in a desert hut, many philosophies of life are elucidate from this. The power of hope is huge. Eliot’s approach in this article is similar to that of the dried-up apple. They both give hope. Hope is a heart-strengthening agent, a bean light in the dark, a life-saving straw in the flood, and a clear spring in the desert. In short, the power of hope is infinite.

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