Entrepreneurs Success Stories: Worthy of Your Career

For successful entrepreneurs, success is inevitable because they are confident enough and hardworking – “Entrepreneurs Success Stories”

Entrepreneurship is playing an increasingly important role in promoting scientific and technological progress and economic growth. In countries around the world, entrepreneurship has become the “engine” that drives economic growth. Here we will unlock the entrepreneurs success stories for everyone

Outstanding entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who have achieved career success. As successful entrepreneurs, they have basic characteristics in personality. Such as having expertise, innovative ability, extraordinary thinking, daring to take risks, crisis awareness, and personality charm. The following are Entrepreneurs Success Stories shared by us, I hope you like it!

Great Entrepreneurs Success Stories

Sam Walton (Wallmart)

Entrepreneurs Success Stories
entrepreneurs success stories

In the entrepreneurs success stories this story of Sam Walton

Sam Walton is the founder of Walmart. He was born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma in 1918. He was a native countryman. And He spent 50 years building a small grocery store into a powerful business empire. In 2002, it remained at the top of the Fortune 500 list. The Walton family, who runs Wal-Mart, ranked No. 1 among the world’s richest people with a value of more than US$70 billion.

As US President Bush Sr. said when he awarded him the US Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992. “Sam Walton, an authentic American, has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and is a microcosm of the American dream.”

Everyone expects to leave a legacy. What Sam Walton left us is not only legendary business figures but a spiritual wealth for future generations. It is with his extraordinary mind and perseverance that he has achieved an immortal business model. Interpretation success, faith dictates.

Sam Summarized His Unremitting Belief in Entrepreneurs Success Stories as follows:

  Belief 1: Dedication

  Sam firmly believes, “If you love work, you will do your best to be perfect every day, and soon everyone around you will be infected with this enthusiasm from you.”

  Belief 2: All colleagues are partners, and partners should share your profits

  Only when colleagues treat himself as a partner, they can create performance beyond imagination.

  Belief 3: Inspire your partners

  Money and equity are not enough. Every day often thinks of some new and more interesting ways to motivate your partners. For example, set high goals, encourage competition, and differentiate at any time; let managers switch jobs to keep challenging; let everyone guess what your next strategy will be, but you can’t be guessed.

  Belief 4: Candid communication

  Try to communicate with your partners as much as possible. The more they know, the deeper they understand and the more they care about things. Intelligence is power, and the benefits you gain from giving this power to your colleagues will far exceed the risk of news leakage to competitors.

  Belief 5: Thank you for everything your colleagues do for the company

  Checks and stocks may buy some kind of loyalty. And nothing can replace a few well-worded, timely and sincere words of gratitude. They do not cost a penny, but they are extremely precious.

  Belief No. 6: Success must be celebrated, and failure need not begrudged

  If you fail, you may as well put on a costume. And sing a song and others will sing along with you. Design your own new gimmick anytime, anywhere. All of this will be more important and interesting than you think, and it will confuse the opponent.

  Belief Seven: listen to every employee’s opinion, airing

  The front-line employees are the ones who know the actual situation best. You should try to understand what they know. In order to organize a delegation of responsibility and stimulate constructive opinions, you must listen to what your colleagues tell you.

  Belief No. 8: To do better than customer expectations

  If you do, they will become your repeat customers. Deal with your fault properly, apologize sincerely, and don’t make excuses. The customer is always right.

  Belief 9: Save every penny for customers, which can create new competitive advantages for you

  If you are operating efficiently, you can make many different mistakes and still recover. But if the operation efficiency is low, then you may be prominent for a while, but eventually you will lose.

  Belief 10: Go upstream, find another way, and despise traditional ideas

  If everyone is following the old path and you choose a different path, then you have a great opportunity.

  Simple and simple beliefs are easy for people to accept, but the real challenge lies in sticking to. And implementing these common senses in nuances for decades. The success of Wal-Mart is exactly what many Chinese enterprises lack. What is needed most as a business is this consistent spirit

10 Iconic Persons Success Stories For Motivation

Steve Chen (Youtube)

Entrepreneurs Success Stories
entrepreneurs success stories

In the 2nd entrepreneurs success stories this story of Steve Chen

Very early, very early, Facebook had fewer than 15 employees. At that time, a guy named Steve Chen worked for a few weeks and decided that this place was not suitable for him. If he wanted to leave, he would start his own company and make a video.

The Matt Choler who hired him at the time advised him not to leave, “You are making a terrible mistake, you know. Facebook has a bright future! And there is already a bunch of video sites out there. If you do this, you will regret it for a lifetime if you do so. “!”

Chen didn’t listen to it, he left alone, and founded a company called YouTube. Steve Chen is Chen Shijun

Ferruccio (Lamborghini)

Entrepreneurs Success Stories
entrepreneurs success stories

In the 3rd entrepreneurs success stories this story of Ferruccio Lamborghini

Ferruccio used to be a farmer who built a tractor. He built it very successfully, made a lot of money, and became one of the richest people in Italy. He owns a Ferrari and always creates a little trouble for him. In the end, he was also a mechanic, so he decided to cultivate himself.

As a result, he opened the hood and found out how the clutch used by Farah looked exactly like the one on his own tractor. That’s Ferrari, using such inferior parts? So Ferruccio rushed to the Ferrari headquarters in Modena to complain.   

Enzo Ferrari has always been arrogant, and this time is no exception, telling Ferruccio that it has nothing to do with the car, the problem lies with him as a “farmer” himself.  

Ferruccio exploded at the hearing and immediately vowed to build a car that could beat Ferrari. He studied hard and finally avenged this revenge. The car he built was world-renowned for its power, which really gave Ferrari a head-on.   

Do you know what this old Ferruccio surname is? His last name is Lamborghini (Lamborghini).

Fred Smith (FedEx)

Entrepreneurs Success Stories
entrepreneurs success stories

4th entrepreneurs success stories of Fred Smith

In 1965, when Fred Smith was still in Yale school, there was an economics assignment to study American logistics. At that time, most American freight forwarders focused on transporting large items in the space of trucks or passenger planes. Smith felt that a company with dedicated aircraft to deliver small items more efficiently could fill this market gap.

He delayed writing this paper until the last minute, without detailing how to run the company in detail. So his professor gave him a “C”.

But this idea took root in Smith’s heart, and he really founded the company in 1971. Unfortunately, three years later, because of the sharp rise in oil prices, the company lost 1 million a month and was on the verge of bankruptcy, with only $5,000 in its account.

This money is not enough to fuel the cargo plane. Smith went around seeking funds and was rejected, so he flew to Las Vegas with the 5000 dollars. He played blackjack there all weekend.

On Monday morning, other executives of the company checked their accounts and were stunned…The funds under the company’s name suddenly surged to 32,000 US dollars, just enough to fuel their aircraft and fly for a few days.

With a buffer of the past few days, the company finally raised enough funds and began to make a profit in 5 years.

This company is called FedEx, the world’s largest express delivery company.

Life-Changing Motivational Stories in English

Jack Ma (Alibaba)

entrepreneurs success stories

The 5th entrepreneurs success stories of Jack Ma

Perhaps many people don’t know that before Jack Ma Yun became the richest man in China, he was an ordinary person who applied for KFC and was not admitted to the police. 

He succeeded by founding Alibaba and became a man worth more than 270 billion. Jack Ma’s entrepreneurial experience is worthy of your reference. There are many advantages in Jack Ma, and maybe we can transfer these advantages to ourselves. 

Jack Ma used to be an ordinary person, but he reached the peak of life through his own efforts. In fact, whether a person can succeed or not has much to do with his academic qualifications. Cruelty at the beginning does not mean cruelty forever. As long as you believe that what you do is right, it can bring you prospects. What others say is someone else’s business. , You have to be clear about what you should do, stick to it and you will succeed!

In addition to one’s own ability, emotional intelligence is also very important for a person to succeed. Since Jack Ma founded Alibaba, only one person who started the business together has left Jack Ma, and the others have followed Jack Ma. 

Jack Ma knows how to win people’s hearts, and his emotional intelligence is very high. So in the process of making a fortune, he got a lot of help from people, and he became successful.

Liu Chuanzhi (Lenovo)

entrepreneurs success stories

And the 6th entrepreneurs success stories of Liu Chuanzhi

In the initial state of the enterprise, the goal is a hidden, hazy consciousness. Because you are still very weak and lack the grasp of the ever-changing market and business. No matter what confidence you have, the goal is at most a lofty ambition for a start-up. So it cannot be quantified and clear.

Liu Chuanzhi: I was cheated to be a “downlord”

In the early 1980s, the computer revolution had risen around the world. And Silicon Valley had become a hot topic among Chinese technology researchers. The scientific and technical personnel within the Chinese Academy of Sciences have long been unable to resist the temptation to continue to step out of the high walls and deep courtyards to establish companies.

The veteran Liu Chuanzhi returned in early February as chairman of the board of directors of Lenovo. “Lenovo is my life. I came out when I needed it. It was my duty.” Liu Chuanzhi said to himself that although he was more than 65 years old, his passion did not diminish.

In the early 1980s

the computer revolution had already taken off globally, and Silicon Valley had become a hot topic among Chinese technology researchers. The scientific and technological personnel inside the Chinese Academy of Sciences have long been unable to resist the temptation to continue to walk out of the high wall and deep courtyard to establish companies. 

Zeng Maochao (now chairman of Legend Holdings), who was the director of the Institute of Computing at the time, has also been privately encouraging his subordinates to start companies. Liu Chuanzhi, who is over 40 years old, offered to start a business. “When I was 40, I chose to start a business because there was no way to go.”

October of that year, the New Technology Development Company (the predecessor of Lenovo) of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was “appointed to be established.” Wang Shuhe, Liu Chuanzhi, and Zhang Zu Xiang formed a core group of three members, and Liu served as deputy general manager. 

Zeng Maochao gave Liu Chuanzhi the communication room of the computing office, gave another 200,000 yuan for the start-up fund, and also gave a lot of unwritten support: unrestricted recruitment of the office’s personnel, the use of the technical achievements in the office, and the employees can Use your original office, telephone, and all resources in the computing office.


Although there is a lot of support, from the winter of 1984 to the spring of 1985, the most troublesome thing in the company was not knowing what to do. Liu Chuanzhi later recalled, “I didn’t really know what to do at the time, so I could do whatever I could, even if I earned some money and paid a salary.” So, all employees, including Liu, had been “downlord”, “Ban Ye” pulls a flatbed cart in Zhongguancun to sell sportswear, electronic watches, roller skates, and refrigerators.

Later, because I heard that I bought a color power and made 1,000 yuan, Lenovo followed suit. At the time, there was a saying that “there are more scammers than color TVs”.

Although Liu Chuanzhi cautiously told them to pay only when they saw the TV, they did see the TV, but after the money was transferred, the other party disappeared, and Lenovo was deceived for 140,000 yuan. The company is suddenly more difficult.

By 1985

All kinds of businesses that could generate revenue for the company had been tried almost once. The most important thing was to bring the “Chinese Character System” led by the Institute of Computing, Ni Guangnan, to the company. After the results were productized, it became the well-known “Hanka”. At that time, most of the computers were imported, and all of them were English systems, and Chinese cards had to be installed.

The profit of each computer was as high as 10,000 to 20,000 yuan after modification. Lenovo sold at least 100 sets in 6 months, bringing about 400,000 yuan in gross profit for the company.

Zeng Maochao’s wife, Hu Xylan, a researcher at the Institute of Computing, saw an unforgettable scene from his house upstairs in the summer of 1985: under the scorching sun, Liu Chuanzhi and Li Qin (now the executive vice president of Lenovo Holdings) and others were pulling their shoulders.

Moving a bunch of microcomputers from the entrance of the compound, Liu Chuanzhi was sweaty and his clothes were soaked, and Li Qin rolled his pants onto his thighs, panting. Recalling the scene of the day, Liu Chuanzhi later said, “Our first pot of gold was made by selling technical labor.”

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