Life-Changing Motivational Stories in English

Everybody likes to be inspired, and what better way to seek inspiration than through life changing stories? Well, have we got a collection of motivational stories in English for you! Our site is filled with some of the best motivational stories in English anywhere.

Motivation can come from so many places. From poetry, From novels. Mostly, however, it comes from motivational stories. That’s right, it can only come from those three places. These life changing motivational stories in English have the power to inspire simply because each tale in the collection shows different aspects of the motivational process: how we inspire, what inspires us, and why we are inspired. If you’re looking for the best motivational stories in English, you would be a wise person to visit this site today. You may be inspired to do all of the things you always wanted to do. And some you didn’t want to do. And another thing, in addition to making you believe in yourself, this site will make you smile with our motivational stories in English.

Top 10 Motivational Stories in English

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1. Love

Five-year-old boy Hank went to work in the forest with his father, mother, and brother. Suddenly it rained heavily, but they only brought a poncho. His father gave a poncho to his mother, His mother gave it to his brother, and his brother gave it to Hank. 

Hank asked puzzled: “Why did Dad give Mom, Mom gave Brother, and Brother gave me again?

Dad replied: “Because Dad is stronger than Mom, Mom is stronger than Brother, and Brother is stronger than you.” We will protect the weaker ones.

Little Hank looked around and ran over to stretch the poncho up against a delicate flower that swayed in the wind and rain.

This English motivational life changing story tells us that the real strongman is not necessarily how powerful or rich, but that he is good at helping others. Responsibility allows us to get things done, and love allows us to get things done.

2. Right Choice

motivational stories in english
motivational stories in English

There are three people who are going to be imprisoned for three years, and the jailer gives them one wish to each. The American guy love to smoke cigars and demand three boxes of cigars. The French are the most romantic and want to be accompanied by a beautiful woman. The Jews said he wanted a phone to communicate with the outside world.

Three years later, the first person to rush out was the American, whose nostrils were full of cigars, shouting: “Give me fire, give me fire!” It turned out that he forgot to bring any source of the fire.

Then the French guy came. I saw him holding a child in his hand, a beautiful woman holding a child in her hand, and a third one in her belly.

The last one came out of the Jews. He held the jailer’s hand tightly and said, “In the past three years, I have been in contact with the outside world every day. My business has not stopped, and it has increased by 200%. In order to express my gratitude, I will send you a labor Schles!”

The moral of this motivational life changing story is the philosophy of life

What kind of choice determines what kind of life? Life today is determined by our choices years ago, and today our choice will determine our life years later. We must choose to contact the latest information and understand the latest trends, so as to better create our own future.

3. Big stones in life

motivational stories in english
motivational stories in English

One day, time management experts gave lectures to a group of business school students, and the demonstration of that lesson made the students unforgettable all their lives.

Let’s have a quiz.” The expert took out a one-gallon jar and placed it on the table. Then he took out a pile of fist-sized stones and put them into the bottle piece by piece until the stones were higher than the bottle mouth and could no longer be put down.

He asked: “Is the bottle full?”

All the students responded: “Full.”

He asked again: “Really?” He said that he took a bucket of gravel from the table, poured some into the cloud, and knocked the glass The wall fills the gap between the stones with gravel. “Is the bottle full now?”

The student understood a little this time. “Probably not.” A student responded.

He said “Very good!”

He reached out and took another bucket of sand from under the table, slowly pouring it into the glass bottle. Sand filled all the gaps between stones and gravel.

He asked the students again: “Is the bottle full?”

“Not full!” the students shouted.

Then the expert took a pot of water and poured it into a glass bottle until the water level was flush with the bottle’s mouth. He looked at the students, “What does this example show?”

A student raised his hand to speak: “It tells us: no matter how tight your schedule is, if you really work harder, you can do more!”

“No.” The expert said, “That’s not its metaphor yet. This example tells us that if you don’t put the big stones in the bottle first, then you can’t put them in anymore. So, what Is it the big stone in your life? Did time spend with your beloved ones? Your beliefs, knowledge, dreams? Or like me, preaching and teaching to solve the puzzle? Remember to deal with these big stones first, otherwise, You will miss it for life.”

4. The poor man dreaming

motivational stories in English

every day At 11 a.m., a dazzling car passes through the Central Park of New York City. In addition to the driver, there is a car owner in the car who is a millionaire which is known by everyone.

The millionaire discovered that every morning a ragged man sat on a park bench staring at his hotel. One day, the millionaire became very interested in this person. He asked the driver to stop the car and walked in front of the man and said, “Please forgive me, I don’t understand why you stare at the hotel where I stay every morning. .”

the poor man said, “Sir, I have no money, no home, so I have to sleep on this bench, but every night I dream of staying in that hotel.”

The millionaire felt very interesting, so he said to the man: “I will make your dream true tonight. I booked the best room for you in the hotel and paid one month’s room rate.”

A few days later, the millionaire passed near the hotel suite where the poor lived and wanted to ask him if he got satisfied or not. However, he found that the man had moved out of the hotel and returned to the park bench.

When the millionaire came to the park and asked the poor why he did this, the poor responded: “When I used to sleep on the bench, I dreamed that I will sleep in that luxurious hotel. And It was wonderful; when I slept in the hotel,

But when I was in the hotel I dreamed that I was back on the cold bench. This dream was so terrible that it completely affected my sleep!”

Moral of this motivational English life changing story

The most important thing is when you are suffering from problems and worries then Don’t let destroy everything by your unfounded imagination that is beautiful, and don’t rely on the things that don’t exist in your life. it is the best choice to be happy with everything you have.

5. Rabbit Jumping on the River

Rabbits are notoriously timid, and they are often frightened by the pressure on their hearts like stones.

Once, many rabbits gathered together. Saddened by their timid incompetence, lamenting that their lives were full of danger and fear.

The more they talked, the sadder they were. As if a lot of misfortune had happened to them, which is why they became rabbits. At this point, negative imagination emerged endlessly. They complained of their natural misfortune, they had neither strength nor wings nor teeth, and their days could only be spent in fear of the east and west, and even those who wanted to abandon all sleep and had long ears that could hear everything Disturbance, crimson eyes become even brighter.

They feel that their life is meaningless, which has become the source of their self-loathing. All felt that it is better to die than to be frightened all their lives.

So they unanimously decided to jump off the cliff to end their lives and end all troubles. It was so decided that they all rushed towards the cliff and wanted to die by themselves. At this time, some frogs were squatting around the lake and heard rapid footsteps. In fear of facing the enemy, they immediately jumped into the deep water to escape.

This is what the rabbit sees every time he comes to the edge of the pond, but today, a rabbit suddenly understood what he said aloud: “Hurry down, we don’t have to be scared to find death, because we can see now, There are more timid animals than us!”

In this way, the rabbits’ mood suddenly brightened up strangely, as if there was courage spewing out, and they went home happily.

Moral of this motivational English story

Don’t complain about the injustice of fate for our current experience. In fact, there are many people in the world who are more unfortunate than us. Think about those who are more unfortunate, who is still alive and strong. Why can’t we?

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6. Kangaroo and cage

One day the zookeeper discovered that the kangaroo ran out of the cage, so they held a meeting and agreed that the height of the cage was too low. So they decided to increase the height of the cage from 10 meters to 20 meters. As a result, they found out that the kangaroo ran out the next day, so they decided to increase the height to 30 meters.

Unexpectedly, the kangaroos were all seen running out the next day, so the administrators were so nervous that they decided not to do anything, to raise the height of the cage to 100 meters.

One day the giraffe was chatting with a few kangaroos, “Look, will these people continue to raise your cage?”

Kangaroo said, “It’s hard to say If they continue to forget to close the door!

Management experience: things have “end and end”, “lightness” and “urgency”, closing the door is the end, raising the cage is the end, leaving the end to the end, of course, it is not essential. What is management? Management is to first analyze the main contradictions and minor contradictions of things, recognize the “end and end”, “lightness”, and “urgency” of the matter, and then start with important aspects.

7. Dimple Avenue

motivational stories in english
motivational stories in English

There were two Taiwan sightseeing groups traveling to the Izu Peninsula in Japan. The road conditions were very bad and there are potholes everywhere.

One of the tour guides was apologetic, saying that the road surface was like pockmarks.

And another tour guide said poetically to the tourists: Gentlemen, the road we are walking on now is the famous Izu charming dimple avenue. “

Although it is the same situation, different ideas will produce different attitudes. What a wonderful thing is thinking, how to think about it, you have the right to decide.

8. Giving

motivational stories in English

An old carpenter was about to retire, and he told his boss that he would leave the construction industry and go home to enjoy his family and his wife and children.

The boss was reluctant to leave his good work and asked if he could help build another house. The old carpenter said yes. But everyone can see later that his heart is no longer at work, he uses soft materials, and he does rough work. When the house was built, the boss handed him the key to the door.

“This is your house, he said, “I gave you a gift. “

He was stunned and stunned, ashamed of himself. If he knew he was building a house for himself, how could he be like this? Now he had to live in a crudely built house! Why don’t we? We carelessly “build our lives, not actively, but passively cope with it. We refuse to strive for excellence in everything, and we cannot do our best at critical moments. When we are shocked by our situation, we are already deeply trapped in the house we built.”.

Think of you as that carpenter, think about your house, every day you knock in a nail, add a board, or erect a wall and build it with your wisdom! Your life is the only creature in your life. It cannot be smoothed and rebuilt. Even if there is only one day to live, you must live beautiful and noble that day. The nameplate on the wall reads: “Life is created by yourself!”

9. Hold my hand

motivational stories in English

A little girl was crossing the bridge with her father. The father worried about his daughter, so he said to his daughter. Hold my hand so that you won’t fall into the river.

The little girl said,” No Dad, You hold my hand”,

Father asks his daughter “does it make any difference if you hold my hand?”

The little girl replied that “This is very different, When I will hold your hand, and if something happens to me, for example, if I can’t walk steadily and fall down, I may not be able to hold your hand and let go. However, if you hold my hand, no matter what happens, you will not let me fall”

10. The old man and the shopkeeper

motivational stories in English

The old gentlemen often go to a store to buy newspapers, and the shopkeeper there is always arrogant and rude, even without basic politeness. The pursuit of efficiency in work is of course important, but the lack of politeness will certainly lose customers. Without the speed of customer service, what is the use?

A friend of the old man asked him, “why don’t you buy a newspaper from elsewhere?”

The old gentleman replied with a smile: “In order to be angry with him, I will waste my time and increase trouble. Besides, poor courtesy it is his problem. Why should I change my mood because of him?”

Moral of this motivational English story

Don’t affect your mood when doing things because of other people’s bad, and don’t affect the happiness of your life because of the unsatisfactory outside world. Think about the good side, and the mood will be very happy.

I hope you all like these best motivational stories in English.

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